Bob Pryor - Lead Guitar/Vocals/Producer/Band Director

Bob Pryor, songwriter, producer, and performer, has been involved in music for over 40 years. Bob's earliest influences always included music with strong harmonic structure, which is reflected in many of his original compositions. Bob plays lead guitar, bass and sings. His guitar technique originally was blues/rock, but the last few years he has incorporated an acoustic blend to his style, creating a very unique sound. Bob has always been meticulous in varying his genres, writing what he feels, rather than staying in one distinctive style.

"I have always written music from my heart. It portrays the human experience, and in many cases, leaves questions unanswered, as in life. I do not target my writing to a particular genre; it just evolves into the music style that best fits the personality of the song. Songwriting to me is a spiritual experience"

Bob is a true multi-tasker, and is involved in many creative projects in addition to songwriting and production. He is developing a training company called "Healing the World-Programs for Peace and Productivity" which will offer seminars on various business and self improvement subjects. He also is involved in developing a multimedia network to offer a variety of diversified creative products to the public. As if this was not enough to keep a person occupied, Bob is a published writer, penning many provocative and timely articles and essays on various subjects to a local magazine in the Houston area.

On the music side, you will often find Bob performing at local coffeehouses, spiritual organizations, and similar venues; with his band "Significant Others;" anywhere that their musical messages can make a positive difference. At last count, Bob has written over 400 original tunes and has released two songbooks. In 2003, Bob released his first CD, "Throwback - the Beginning," and two years later released a mini CD "Reflections in Time," as a memorial to his late parents. His third individual CD, "The Dream Was Love" was released in July of 2006. His band, "Significant Others," has just released a new CD called "My Spirit Came Alive," in December of 2010, which consist entirely of spiritual and inspiration music that Bob has written.

For Bob, creativity is life. It represents gifts that were given to him, and is his way of "giving back" and improving other's lives. On the CD front, the one's mentioned above are just the "tip of the iceberg" as Bob will be releasing many more CD's in the near future. These CD's will deal with Youth matters for children, standard love and relationship songs, and some remembrance songs, as Bob is constantly stretching his creative talents into different areas. Come hear Bob's music, experience his writings for his unique way of looking at the world through his music and prose.

Bruce Ross - Bass Guitar/Vocals

Bruce Ross, songwriter, vocalist, performer/producer, has loved and played music off and on during (practically) his entire lifetime-the earliest performances being with his identical twin Bryan-singing popular songs with a few embryonic originals added in. He has played guitar periodically for 40 years, and adds bass, assorted stringed instruments, percussion and a dab of keyboards to his repertoire. Bruce (along with Bryan) won a scholarship to the Illinois Youth Choir in 1975, and has since sung in a number of accomplished choirs in his lifetime--Lee H.S., University of Houston Concert Chorale, and, more recently, Unity Church of Christianity/Houston and Creative Life Spiritual Center as a tenor and soloist. Although he had played briefly with a few bands in the 80s and 90s, it wasn't until recently that he had become more active in performing and doing studio work. Bruce has been singing at spiritual organizations, coffeehouses, pubs, and restaurants-mainly as a solo artist, but also with his lovely and talented wife Lisa Canida, Hidden Agenda and many other local musicians-and in the studio with artists as diverse as Shannon Modrell, Flash Shockley and, of course, Significant Others. (Bruce and Lisa sang and co-wrote a few songs on Ms. Modrell's upcoming CD.) Bruce's broad and historical knowledge of many musical genres has lent itself to his variety of interpretive styles in his singing and playing-live, studio, and, even in karaoke (you can still find him many Friday evenings still "soulin'" with his twin and with his father, Larry, and friends. Original music, though, is where his main focus lies--he has at least 2 CDs worth of songs close to being ready for release soon. Bruce loves the opportunity to learn playing in a band with such talented musicians-learning and plying his way just as he does in his other career choice as a licensed massage therapist. As he puts it, right now, "The best is yet to come! Peace, Love, Light, and Universal Music!"

Tom Parker - Percussion/Vocals/Guitar/Banjo

Tom is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and has been living in Houston since 1996. He has a B.A. in Radio-Television Broadcasting and an M.A. in Drama. He is an adjunct speech instructor and has an extensive theater background. Tom has appeared in productions at Theater Suburbia and Theater Southwest and may be seen most Saturday nights performing murder mystery dinner theater with Mystery Cafe in the Galleria. When not teaching or acting , Tom works for the transportation department at Cy-Fair School District.Tom is the newest member of Significant Others and plays guitar, bass, and percussion. He has performed on occasion with other members of the group and feels privileged now to be a part of this very talented ensemble.

Sarah Pitzer - Vocals/Keyboard

Sarah Pitzer, performer, has been a lifelong musician. Her earliest performances originated in the crib; family members state that "she sang before she spoke". Piano and cello lessons soon came into play as she and her appetite for music and performing grew. Sarah enjoyed touring and performing with the Texas State Orchestra and Houston Youth Symphony for a few years before putting the cello back on the shelf to try her voice at opera. She majored in Vocal Performance at Stephen F. Austin State University, to make her operatic debut as a coloratura soprano at age 19 singing the role of "Queen of the Night" in Mozart's The Magic Flute, and at age 20, "Greta Fiorentino" in Kurt Weill and Langston Hughes' American Opera Street Scene. Sarah is enjoying the new challenges that "Significant Others" brings to the table and is striving to incorporate a more unpolished and improvisational style to her singing, as well as dusting off her beloved cello to add new and different layers to their music.

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